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Church Street Regeneration Community Group minutes and agendas 

Westminster City Council is committed to continually involving residents, the local community, and local stakeholders in the regeneration project at Church Street. The Church Street Regeneration Community Group is a newly established group that will build an active relationship with the project and construction teams, and residents to ensure collaboration. 

What is it about?

We’re committed to working with residents to ensure you can engage and work alongside the council to share your views, keep
informed and shape future proposals.

We are setting up a new regeneration specific group in the ward that aims to bring together local organisations and residents for the benefit of the regeneration programme.

What will it involve?

The group will provide residents with a platform to be heard on various projects, schemes and community related opportunities across Church Street including:

  • An opportunity to work openly and with the council and other stakeholders.
  • Provide a setting to establish local priorities develop ideas and be involved with projects, including the future major development of Sites B and C and Church Street Market.
  • Commitment to attend regularly set meetings.

How do I get involved?

To find out more, you can pop into the Regeneration Base at:

99 Church Street, Monday-Friday, 9.30-5pm or call 020 7641 2968 or email us at

All minutes and Agendas for each meeting can be found below:

Church Street Community Regeneration Group Agenda 27/7/2023

Church Street Community Regeneration Group Minutes 27/7/2023



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