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Your feedback is transforming Church Street

One of the first major projects in the Church Street Regeneration, the development of Sites A, B and C will bring new homes, shop space, facilities for the market and a place for the Church Street Library.

We listened carefully to the feedback the community gave us since 2019 and we carried out a two stage pre-planning application process in 2021.

In 2022 we wanted all residents living in the regeneration areas named Site A,B & C to have their say on our regeneration proposal.

We held a residents’ ballot from November 19 to December 21 2022 to make sure the community supported our plans. The result saw 56% of residents take part in the ballot and 73.1% voted ‘yes’.

The council’s offer to tenants and leaseholders and the vision for the regeneration of Church Street Sites A, B and C is contained within a Landlord Offer.




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Places project

Sites A, B and C

In 2019 we presented you with four options for these three sites. Following the feedback we received from the community, the decision resulted in more detailed designs to be drawn up for Option 3, partial redevelopment. 

You can find out more about the initial proposals for these sites by clicking the link below. 

Find out more. 

View the consultation report 2019 for sites A,B & C

View the 2019 options consultation exhibition boards

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