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Church Street Business & Market Forum

Our aim is to deliver a regeneration programme that is supported by the local businesses in the neighbourhood.

The Church Street Business & Markets Forum brings together local businesses and the Church Street regeneration team to create closer working relationships.

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Would you be interested in joining the business forum?

This year we will be relaunching a forum for all businesses & market traders from Church Street. These meetings will be held every quarter, at a venue that is accessible and convenient for all to attend. It is important for us that all who are affected by the regeneration feel heard and supported, and attending this forum is the best way for us to capture what’s important to you. The team will arrange for necessary translators to attend these sessions, so please get in touch if you require one. We will also be visiting and speaking to you to understand how you would like to be kept informed and register your interest.

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We want to hear from you!

Would you be interested in joining the forum? Contact us via our get in touch details or scan the QR code.

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All Minutes for each meeting can be found below:

Church Street Business & Market Traders Forum Minutes 5/03/2024

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The Business Unit

The Westminster Business Unit aims to make it easier for businesses located within the City to navigate their way through council services and get the information, advice and guidance they need.

It provides a new single point of contact offering bespoke support. Whether you are considering self-employment, starting out in business, or an established business looking to grow.

You can contact the Business Unit team at:

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