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Introducing the Green Spine

The Green Spine is a new park and pedestrian-friendly route through the Church Street area. It links Lisson Gardens, Broadley Gardens, Church Street and the new Luton Street development.

Works began on Monday 11 January 2021 and will continue until summer 2022.

We have created a leaflet which describes the project and how people living or working close by will be affected. 

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Public Liaison Officer – Bob Burton

Bob Burton is the Public Liaison Officer for this project (FM Conway). If you wish to speak to Bob, in the first instance please email with a contact telephone number and he will call you back.

The Green Spine Update - June 2022

The Green Spine has already created significant improvements for the area, including a new play area for children, benches and further seating areas with tables, an outdoor gym for locals to enjoy and table tennis equipment to socialise with.

The new park has also seen additional greenery introduced to the area, including a number of new trees and various plants and shrubbery to attract birds and wildlife to the neighbourhood.

The Green Spine’s pedestrian-friendly route has proven a further welcomed addition, enabling a safer and more pleasant route away from traffic.

Lisson Street Gardens

Lisson Street Gardens

 Lisson Street Gardens 2.jpg

 Lisson Street Garden 3.jpg

Lisson Street Garden 4Broadley Street Picture 1 v2.jpg

Broadley Street 2 

New paving, outdoor seating and exercise equipment on Salisbury Street: 

Sailsbury Street new paving

Seating area on Broadley Street 

Pergolas and planting in Broadley Street Gardens: 

Pagoda broadley street 




Ashmil Street Montage R02

Benefits of the Green Spine

Benefits of the Green Spine

The Green Spine has created more green space and park space in a dense urban area and is improving the amount of open space in the area. The space has been carefully designed to provide a more welcoming and safer-feeling environment, with improved lighting and the removal of dark and tucked away corners.

The Green Spine is shaping a lovely new place to walk, and the subsequent Phase 2 detailed above will see the route extended. The park connects to a new cycle route away from the main roads. Salisbury Street has become a quieter road, where vehicles can access the area on a safer and calmer road. Almost all of the parking spaces moved to make way for the new open space, have been re-provided close by. Approximately 50 new trees will aid air quality, and planting has been selected to increase biodiversity.

Open spaces mean people of all ages can safely meet and socialise, with plenty more opportunity for activities: 

  • Play areas for toddlers and older children in the park
  • ‘Play on the way’ playthings along the length of Salisbury Street
  • Free outdoor gym equipment along the Green Spine
  • An informal kick-about space in the park
  • Quieter spaces in the park to enjoy the environment

Phase 1 Overall Plan

The project is being carried out in a series of phases (most of which have now been completed), detailed below. Overall, the new park links a series of streets together, providing ample space for the community to relax in and enjoy.

Green Spine Phasing Plan JuneGreen spine street 


We would like to thank those who have been involved in shaping Phase 1 of the Green Spine, which is currently under construction.

The Green Spine Phase 2 connects the Luton Street development, north along Fisherton Street, connecting with Orange Park and up to the Regent’s Canal. This phase is in early concept design stage (plan can be found below). Westminster City Council’s Place Shaping and Highways Team are working with the Highways Term Contractor, BD Landscape Architects, WSP engineers and NRP traffic consultants. Initial pre-design consultation took place at the end of 2021 and future engagement events will take place in 2022.

If you have any questions or concerns, then please do voice them by contacting us at

Phase 2 site map June 2022




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Lisson Street Montage R03 v2

Document Archive

Please find the documents we have shared below:

Parking Changes Map Commentary

  • As part of the Green Spine, some on-street parking for residents and visitors has been removed from Lisson Street and Salisbury Street to transform the highway into new public parks, and create wider pavements for greening along Salisbury Street
  • The vast majority of removed parking has been re-distributed to the wider area, with overall one space loss of resident parking
  • Salisbury Street has been narrowed to traffic and has become one-way southbound
  • The one-way on Salisbury Street is necessary because of pavement widening but also should make the streets quieter for pedestrians
  • Some other streets in the area have become one-way to facilitate traffic flows through the area
  • On Saturdays, because of Church Street Market, access to Salisbury Street is via Gateforth Street and Samford Street 

Communications Archive

Please find the communications we have sent to date below:

Salisbury Street Montage R02

Frequently Asked Questions

When did the works begin?
Works began on Monday 11 January 2021 and will be completed in Summer 2022.

Which roads have been impacted by the project?
The Traffic Flow Plan above shows the affected roads.

Are there any footway closures?
There may be temporary footway diversions, but pedestrian access to all businesses and buildings will always be maintained.

How has the scheme impacted car parking?
Some parking spaces have been suspended during the construction works. More details can be found in the Parking Changes Map linked below.

How has the scheme impacted emergency vehicle access?
We work closely with the emergency services to ensure they are not affected. Pedestrian access to all properties will always be maintained.

Who has been managing this project?
The Green Spine is part of the Church Street regeneration programme. It is being delivered by Westminster City Council’s contractors FM Conway and WSP.

How can I ask a question about the scheme?
If you have further questions, please email us at

How can I report an issue to the council?
If you notice something that you would like to report, that isn’t related to the Green Spine (for example you have an issue with waste collection), please use the council’s Report It Tool -





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