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The Church Street Triangle project aims to refurbish unused buildings and upgrade underused public space to create a new heart for the area which can be enjoyed by the local community for years to come. This project will be delivered in 2022.

In September 2020 Westminster City Council and Jan Kattein Architects presented initial designs for the Church Street Triangle. The proposed new space will introduce areas for micro retail and enterprise space and provide community space in the heart of Church Street.

Construction work underway

Work to the Church Street Triangle began on Monday 10 January 2022.

The work is split into three phases to minimise disruption and track the progress. The construction work will be completed by FM Conway.

Construction on the Triangle is progressing well. Concrete foundations are being constructed for the new seating areas, and installation of the seating will begin within the next month

How we are minimising disruption?
Apart from delivering the project in three phases, we have worked with FM Conway to put measures in place to ensure
noise, dust and vibration is reduced where possible.

Noise, dust and vibration
To reduce noise, dust and vibration, fencing will be placed around the working site during each phase. We must state, this is a highways work site, and consequently there will be noise associated with certain construction activity at various times during the project. The work which may cause disruption will be within the planned, allowed working hours. Water spray and keeping equipment clean on the ground will reduce dust as much as possible for the surrounding area.

Traffic disruption
This is unlikely to take place as there will be no obstructions on roads, but we will continue to monitor and adjust work accordingly. Construction vehicles will enter and exit via one point on Salisbury Street, near the rear of the current convenience block.

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