Luton Street

Luton Street Preparatory works

Work will soon begin on the Luton Street development

I am now able to provide you with an update about the preparatory works that will shortly begin at Luton Street as part of the Church Street Regeneration Programme.

The project

The regeneration programme is working hard to make the area a better place to live and work. Westminster City Council, in partnership with Link City, will build 168 new homes. Of these, 59 will be affordable and 109 will be for private sale. The sale of the 109 homes will fund:

  • The 59 much needed new affordable homes in Luton Street
  • Three new affordable townhouses on Fisherton Street (work likely to start in 2021)
  • A new landscaped green link between Fisherton Street and Salisbury Street, which will connect to the Green Spine planned for the surrounding area

When they begin, the main works, will trigger and release funding payments from the Developer, which contribute towards the project costs of the Green Spine and other improvements to council-owned homes in the surrounding area. We will contact residents of the blocks involved nearer to the date.

A three-court sports hall and community space will also be built on the site and will offer everyone pay as you go and membership access to sports equipment.


Early works

You will see our building contractor, Bouygues UK Ltd, on the site from 12 August 2019. They will be preparing the site for construction which will begin later this year. The construction is expected to take around two and a half years and we will stay in touch with you throughout this time. The first thing the contractors will do is put new hoardings around the site, including the market traders’ storage sheds on Samford Street.


There will be permanent changes to parking on Bledlow Close. Letters have been sent to affected residents and we will continue to work together to agree alternative parking.

There will also be temporary changes to parking on Capland Street from around November. Letters will be sent to residents on the street closer to the time with more details. Market traders have been briefed that they will no longer be able to park at Samford Street, but will be offered spaces on the Fisherton Street site temporarily.


The building contractor will be preparing for the demolition of the empty buildings on the site. The demolition will take approximately 12 weeks and we will be in touch as soon as we can to confirm when this will begin.

Dust will be kept to a minimum, as the building contractor will be using water to keep it out of the air, and an independent contractor will monitor noise, dust and vibrations to make sure levels remain reasonable. Most of the rubble from the demolition will remain on site and will be used to create a ramp to allow vehicles to access the site from Luton Street.

Site traffic

Until February 2020, vehicles will use Capland Street (via Lisson Grove) to get to the site. We have agreed with Gateway Academy that site vehicles will not travel between 8.00 and 10.00 or 15.00 and 16.30. A traffic marshal at either end of Capland Street will make sure site vehicles move safely. The traffic movements have been planned with the Academy, and we will work with them to make sure students and parents are aware of the works.

From February 2020 site traffic will use a new site entrance which will be created on Luton Street. Traffic will reach the site via Edgware Road / Luton Street, to avoid the school.

Considerate construction

Bouygues UK Ltd is registered with the Considerate Construction Scheme (CCS) and will do everything in their power to minimise disruption. Working hours will be between 08.00 and 17.00 on Monday-Friday and 08.00 and 13.00 on Saturdays. A safe site will be set up with all necessary health and safety checks and documentation in place before work starts.

For questions regarding the construction, please contact Augustin Dufour at Bouygues UK Ltd directly on 07903 081033 or If you have any queries about the regeneration in general, please get in touch using the contact page

Richard Shepherd

Senior Construction Manager