HAF Social March 1080

Easter HAF - 3rd-14th April 2023

Easter HAF (Holiday Activity and Food) Programme

Once again, we are partnering with Young Westminster Foundation to provide activities and food for young people aged 4-16 (18 for those with special educational and needs) throughout the upcoming Easter school holiday

Places are free for those on free school meals and at a discounted rate for all other young people 

The activities are wide-ranging and include sports, arts, cooking including activities tailored for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities

Families can book all activities on Young Westminster Foundation’s website https://ourcity.org.uk/haf-programm

In addition to the holiday and activities food programme, we are also continuing to provide food vouchers for all children on free school meals over the school holiday. These will be distributed to eligible families in the form of supermarket vouchers at a weekly value of £17.50

Easter HAF Flyer