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Ashbridge, Ashmill & Cosway Street
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Places projects Ashbridge, Ashmill & Cosway Street

We are building 77 new homes across our sites in Ashbridge Street, Ashmill Street and Cosway Street, and 28 of these will be affordable homes. The income that is generated by selling the homes at Cosway Street will be reinvested back into affordable housing and community projects in Westminster.

Work on all three sites began in 2019, with the practical completion for the Sites being in 2022 or 2023: 

Site: Ashbridge
Practical Completion: Summer 2022

Site: Ashmill
Practical Completion: Autumn 2022

Site: Cosway
Practical Completion: Spring 2023

Resident Liaison Officer – Shariff Juneja

Shariff Juneja is the Resident Liaison Officer for the Ashbridge, Ashmill and Cosway Street development.

If you have any questions or comments about the works, please get in touch with Shariff in the first instance.

You can contact Shariff via email at:

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