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Church Street The Story so Far

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What you have told us

Late last year, we asked you to tell us what matters most when thinking about how we could improve the area of Church Street. 

You told us that the most important thing we can do is provide new homes in the area. You said this should be genuinely affordable and good quality housing.

Previous consultation report

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You said the things that are most important are:  


  • Genuinely affordable homes
  • Better quality and design 
  • Safe and secure  
  • Neighbourhoods designed to keep a sense of community 
  • Family sized homes 
  • Accessible for people with disabilities 

Health and wellbeing: 

  • Better access to health services
  • More and better public spaces
  • Affordable exercise facilities
  • Local health services
  • Cleaner environment 
  • Age specific facilities and activities
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You said the things that are most important are:  

Shops and markets: 

  • Keep the market and make it better
  • Greater range of stalls in the market
  • Improve cleanliness of the market and improve its management
  • Better facilities like refuse and storage for market traders 
  • Make it more affordable for local businesses to operate in the area

Getting around: 

  • Better cycle lanes 
  • Give pedestrians priority 
  • Reduce traffic 
  • More parking and better parking controls

Your key principles

We have used your feedback to develop four key principles, and used the principles to test how well the options will meet your needs.


Does the option provide more homes, particularly more genuinely affordable homes in and around Church Street?

Does the option deliver more good quality, well designed, affordable and safe housing? Is the housing easy for people with disabilities to use and is it energy efficient?

Health and wellbeing

Does the option improve people’s health and quality of life?

Does the option improve the local environment? Does it provide new or improved green space, and facilities for play and exercise?

Shops and markets

Does the option deliver clean streets and a vibrant market on Church Street?

Does it improve, the current mix of stalls? Does the option allow for a more varied choice of local shops and affordable workspaces to create new jobs in the area?

Getting around

Does the option make Church Street a better and safer place for pedestrians, cyclists and road users?

Does the option improve the roads and pavements so that people can move around with less difficulty?

Church Street Vision

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